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Increase your engagement & expand your audience by conquering the
Spanish-speaking market

without the complexity of creating new systems

Big e-coms and personal brands are finding a perpetual source of traffic that

doubles their engagement and revenues

with a content strategy almost NO ONE talks about!

Now, it’s your turn…


Get more views, followers, subscribers, and customers without the headache of

  • Creating exclusive content from scratch

  • Translating the existing content yourself

  • Hiring a large staff to do the work

In an interview with Mr. Beast, Joe Rogan said this strategy was “…a brilliant idea… that’s so smart!” after Mr. Beast revealed how he was increasing his followers and revenue bases by entering new markets.


Be among the few who are tapping into this unveiled market and stay ahead of your competition curve.

What is this strategy &
Why do you need to implement it today?

Did you know the Spanish speakers are more than 490M people? That’s more than 6% of the world! Meanwhile, less than 5% of the world population are native English speakers.

If you’re already reaping successes and $$$ in the English-speaking market, imagine what you could achieve by sharing your content in Spanish.

Imagine the millions of other people engaging with your content and purchasing your products or services!

But the only obstacle you’re facing is that your content ISN’T in their language.

Few entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this market while Spanish-speaking consumers are craving more information, entertainment, and benefits from the leading English-speaking industries!

I’ll help you get more followers and loyal customers with you barely having to do anything because you’ve already done the work.

Now, it’s my turn to get my hands dirty!

I’ll keep working with you until

  • Your localized content gains credibility

  • Your new audience goes crazy with it

  • Your brand is their next favorite thing to follow

  • Your sales & authority increase at a vertiginous pace

  • Your growing numbers make your eyes shine with excitement

Who needs to implement this strategy?

You need and should consider entering the Spanish-speaking market strategy if:

  1. You have a thriving business that generates 6, 7, or 8 figures yearly

  2. Your original audience has benefited highly from your content. Now, you want to deliver that value to more people

  3. You want to gain recognition and fame in new markets as the go-to expert for your target audience

  4. You love the Spanish-speaking culture and always dreamt of entering its market

Stop banging your head against the wall, trying to figure out new streams of income or a different way to grow furthermore.

Entering a new market and winning over a bigger audience is the best and most secure way to achieve these results. In fact, it might be the only way for you!

Kaila's photo.png

Kaila Krayewski
Founder of DNWC & Managing Director of Archipelago Communications

Sara was one of our most valued writers during her time on our programme. She produced high-quality content and wrote clearly and concisely with a friendly authority while being ever mindful of client specifications.

online jewelry shop the soft cheek.png

Assil Mosleh
Co-founder & Director of The Soft Cheek Jewelry

Best blog writer!

Sara ignited our blog after the first article she wrote for us. It simply boosts our website, and our customers were so happy by reading them.

We highly recommend Impetus Content to all who needs informative blog posts and better websites like ours.

nelly elessa pic.png

Nelly Elessa
CConfidence, Lifestyle & Career Coach

Sara is a great communicator and delivered the copy so timely! Great turnaround of work, meeting deadlines (even delivered in advance). Also, lovely encouragement and tips when I had questions. 

I appreciate our work together and the passion that she brings to writing.

DR logo 2.png

Digital Revamp
Digital Marketing Agency - Management team

Sara has always taken her role seriously and is passionate about her results. beyond her passion for driving performance, she constantly surprised us with her tireless creativity, unique optimism, and energy.

She was a valuable member of our team!


Why can you trust me?

You should believe me. Why?

Let me tell you a bit about myself…


I’m Sara El Halabi, an SEO content writer, strategist, and translator with 4+ years of experience, but my writing career started over 10 years ago. I was (and still am) a fiction writer and have had some short stories published in books and online portals. Therefore, I know how storytelling influences people’s emotional connections and impacts their decisions and opinions.


Why Spanish? I’m a native Spanish speaker and have translated three books on wellness and spirituality and several other articles, besides all the ghostwriting I’ve done in the most desired niches and for big names in the productivity, lifestyle, and HR industries.


As a content expert coached by top names in the copywriting and marketing industries, I can transform your thoughts and ideas into words that take your audience's breath away. 

Let's unlock your brand's potential and show it to the world through valuable content specifically tailored to your business.

And if you need your copy or content translated to Spanish, I got your back!


Brands I've worked with

Logos of brands I've repurposed and written their content

Enough about me. Let’s go back to what will make you become a giant in this new market!

Your content is already there, waiting for more people to consume it, and you love the results it has brought in, right?


So, I’ll take your content into this new language and bring you more gains, only the best results!

How will this strategy work for you?
How will I help you achieve your goals?

​Step 1:

I’ll analyze the market and the Spanish-speaking consumers’ preferences regarding your industry and content to identify what aligns best with what they want to read or purchase. 


You cannot take any of your content and just translate it and throw it to them. You need to adapt your strategy to a new context.


And each country and culture has a different context.


You need to consider:

  • What content they need to see first so that they can trust you

  • How they prefer to read your content

  • Where they like to read/find it

Step 2:

After clearly defining the context and determining the right strategy for your brand, I’ll do the keyword research.

The ones you’re using in your current content might not work for the Spanish-speaking market.

To take the max advantage and ensure long-term organic traffic, you need to optimize your content for SEO for that specific market. Don’t worry. I got you here too!

Step 3:

Finally, I’m going to localize your content.

You might wonder, what the heck is that?

I’m NOT going to translate your content word for word; instead, I’ll adapt it to their language according to the vocabulary and tone that best resonates with them and the right keywords that serve this market, all while keeping your brand’s essence.

But doesn't AI (ChatGPT) do this work?

Not really. Here’s why:

  • Intelligent software, such as ChatGPT, was made in and for English, meaning, it’s extremely imperfect for other languages.

  • Consequently, poor translations can cause you to lose authority and the market’s trust.

  • You don’t get to build strong relationships with your audience because they won’t connect emotionally with your content. Remember that AI is emotionless and can’t tap into human pains, desires, and dreams on a deeper level.

  • You need to fact-check every specific piece of information or data since the software isn’t updated and because it’s for a foreign market where the information might differ most of the time.


Duplicating your business into Spanish, besides all these, will require hiring more staff to do the whole work.


However, if you partner with me, you’ll get:

  • Focused expertise for content in your industry

  • Personalized and responsive customer service

  • Translation beyond the advanced tech tools used today

  • Comprehensive content adaptation according to the market’s culture and preferences.

This is your chance to increase your competitive advantage and stay ahead of your competitors by winning over a market most of them aren’t even aware of!

I guarantee I’ll work by your side until we achieve the impressions and engagements your brand needs to boost its reputation in this new market.

Are you ready to conquer the Spanish-speaking market without diving into complex systems, poor translations, onboarding new staff, and figuring out what context to consider?

Now is the best time to double your revenue & increase your traffic by over 100%

Book a discovery call below & answer a few questions to know more about your brand's needs or CONTACT ME for any inquiries

create - repurpose - translate - grow

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