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Show Your Expertise &
Build Trust with Your Audience

Creative SEO-friendly Content &
Empowering Lead Magnets

Enlighten, Entertain, and Empower Your Audience

You’ve started your dream business and grown your brand; you’re happy with the results but something keeps rolling in your mind. You want to do more!

Most businesses set up a website to share information about them but you want to go that extra mile. 

You want to gain loyal customers. 

And you know the best way to achieve this is through CONTENT.

Nonetheless, growing your business leaves you with little time and energy to come up with ideas, do the research, and develop exceptional content that resonates with your business’s mission and purpose... and with your audience.


Besides, you want to step into the Spanish-speaking market! Now tell me, won't you need a writer who’s a native Spanish-speaker, fluent in English, and who can translate your content while keeping your brand voice intact?


Fortunately, you're here! Let's build your audience faster and engage your customers with the right content—in English or Spanish!

Sara El Halabi J. content writer

Content = Connection

Establish yourself as an expert in your field

Build trust with your fans and convert them to loyal customers

Deliver your message to the right audience

Connect with

your audience to:

Convince your prospects your service or product can solve their problems

Increase your website traffic

Content matters,


Consistent content increases brand awareness by 84%, direct sales by 49%, and web traffic by 56% at least, according to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI).

Experts from HubSpot and Contently have proven that 64% of consumers’ buying decisions and 83% of customers’ loyalty depend on whether they trust the content. 

Those who rely on consistent content increase their conversion rates 6x more than those who don’t.

Moreover, 80% of consumers follow a brand that creates customized content.

Your fans need to know you care about them, and connecting honestly is how you build trust.

Don’t you want to reach your target audience and increase your web traffic as more than 80% of effective organizations do? Then perhaps, you need to outsource your content writing. 

Kaila's photo.png

Kaila Krayewski
Founder of DNWC & Managing Director of Archipelago Communications

Sara was one of our most valued writers during her time on our programme. She produced high-quality content and wrote clearly and concisely with a friendly authority while being ever mindful of client specifications.

I appreciated her eagerness to learn, and her enthusiasm in workshops. No ask was ever too big and she was always willing to go the extra mile. Her writing is professional, clear, and factual, yet she can easily adapt to lighter pieces with a warm personality and lightness when required. Her articles are always well researched, engaging and easy to understand. 

online jewelry shop the soft cheek.png

Assil Mosleh
Co-founder & Director of The Soft Cheek Jewelry

Best blog writer!

Sara ignited our blog after the first article she wrote for us. It simply boosts our website, and our customers were so happy by reading them.

We highly recommend Impetus Content to all who needs informative blog posts and better websites like ours.

Julie-Ann Sherlock Archipelago Communications

Julie-Ann Sherlock
Archipelago Communication's Head Editor

Having worked with Sara for six months, coaching and training her to become a writer, I learned that she is a solid, dependable scribe. She took on every task with dedication and worked hard to create great articles for our clients. If she didn't understand or agree with something, she would ask the questions needed to ensure that she delivered what we needed. She took on board any criticism and suggestions and learned quickly from her mistakes.

Sara was a pleasure to work with and a capable writer who will help ensure her clients receive high-quality work.

How Can I Help You?

If you’re in the

wellness, mindfulness, motivational, thought leadership & workplace productivity markets,

you can choose the service you need:

SEO-friendly Blog posts

Irresistible Magnets

Branded Translation

Your blog posts can be a helpful resource of tips, information, motivation, and entertainment. Don’t lose momentum with your audience for not developing that blog with SEO-friendly posts.

You want to grow your email list by offering your audience unique and attractive freebies or incentives. Show your expertise through an irresistible offer in exchange for your followers’ loyalty.

You want to conquer the Spanish-speaking market, but your site copy and content are in English. Don’t stop growing. Translate your website or blog now.

To create exceptional content, you need powerful words that influence emotions and decisions.

Spread Your Message across Your Niche with Impetus Content

Through the power of storytelling and  effective research, I will create some impetus content that will establish you as an expert in your exact niche while educating and entertaining your audience.  

Find your authentic message and transform it into a treasure for others to enjoy.

So while you are the King Aragorn or Lady Galadriel of your business, I’ll be the Gandalf of your content.

female entrepreneurs working
content teamwork in office

In copywriting, effective content is like the Ruling Ring (yes, just like the one in The Lord Of The Rings) that ensures authority and loyalty to whoever possesses and implements it.

Every business wishes for it, but very few achieve high-quality content that targets the right audience and converts visitors into loyal followers and customers.


If you’re eager to touch your fans’ hearts and enlighten their minds, don’t let your message sleep in Bilbo Baggin’s drawer, waiting to be discovered by someone.

Le suilon—greetings (in Elvish)! I’m Sara El Halabi J, your freelance

content writer and lead magnet sorceress.

I serve wellness, mindfulness, workplace productivity, and motivational

brands and SMEs to alchemize ordinary ideas into brilliant content that

transforms darkness into light converts doubt into conviction.

As a content expert, I will transform your thoughts and ideas into words. 

No matter if you are a(n)

  • Solo or entrepreneur,

  • Info-marketer or consultant,

  • Small or medium business,


I'll unlock your brand potential by reflecting it on your site content, blog posts, and a unique lead magnet designed just for you. And if you need your copy or content translated to Spanish, I got your back!

Sara El Halabi creative writer