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Stop worrying about how to create content that attracts, persuades, and retains.

Here, your message will ignite your authority and uniqueness.

Sara El Halabi J.
Your Creative Content Writer
Lead Magnet Sorceress

Your message deserves to reach its maximum power and feed your audience's hearts and minds to

  • Deliver value to your fans through content

  • Offer them more than just a web place that tells them about your brand or business

  • Retain them as loyal customers forever and ever!

  • Create that blog or lead magnet you’ve always wanted without struggling against time and while saving your energy to grow your business.

  • Conquer the Spanish-speaking market and spread your message across a wider audience.

Your Impetus Content Partner

As your content partner, allow me to introduce myself.

I’m Sara El Halabi J. and I help brands, solo, and entrepreneurs in the niches of

  • Mental, emotional, and physical wellness

  • Mindfulness in the workplace,

  • Organizational productivity, and

  • Motivation and empowerment


to find their Ruling Ring deliver valuable and compelling content for their target audience through mission-aligned blogs, site content, and lead magnets that are loyal to their brand voice, business’s mission, and fans’ needs.

I believe wellness and empowerment are the foundations of success in life, especially for entrepreneurs; that’s why I focus on these niches. And since most people seek information and positivity in words, we can work together to make your brand grow and shine.

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Kaila Krayewski
Founder of DNWC & Managing Director of Archipelago Communications

Sara was one of our most valued writers during her time on our programme. She produced high-quality content and wrote clearly and concisely with a friendly authority while being ever mindful of client specifications.

I appreciated her eagerness to learn, and her enthusiasm in workshops. No ask was ever too big and she was always willing to go the extra mile. Her writing is professional, clear, and factual, yet she can easily adapt to lighter pieces with a warm personality and lightness when required. Her articles are always well researched, engaging and easy to understand. 

online jewelry shop the soft cheek.png

Assil Mosleh
Co-founder & Director of The Soft Cheek Jewelry

Best blog writer!

Sara ignited our blog after the first article she wrote for us. It simply boosts our website, and our customers were so happy by reading them.

We highly recommend Impetus Content to all who needs informative blog posts and better websites like ours.

Julie-Ann Sherlock Archipelago Communications

Julie-Ann Sherlock
Archipelago Communication's Head Editor

Having worked with Sara for six months, coaching and training her to become a writer, I learned that she is a solid, dependable scribe. She took on every task with dedication and worked hard to create great articles for our clients. If she didn't understand or agree with something, she would ask the questions needed to ensure that she delivered what we needed. She took on board any criticism and suggestions and learned quickly from her mistakes.

Sara was a pleasure to work with and a capable writer who will help ensure her clients receive high-quality work.

About this Sorceress's Journey

Since very young, storytelling and magic were my call. I knew words encompass great power, and spending time between pages and ink was a delight to me. I had no trouble diving into books and living a thousand and one adventures between the higher and lower realms. Until creatures of this and the underworld threatened to steal my gift.

Should I know better that the only way I could stop them was by writing fiction. So I weavered short stories and novels, some of which were published as collaborations in several writing groups, books, and online magazines. This served my purpose of keeping the orcs and dragons of illusion locked up in the mines of Moria. My book translations on wellness and esotericism (Spanish-English) were also an exceptional input to their distraction.

After taking a degree in Business Administration -- just another lie I had to throw in the orcs' way, I kept writing fiction for over five years.

But then, another power was awakening in me. My interest in research ignited my curiosity and passion to know a little more about everything, thus entering a new phase in my writing career.

It wasn’t that hard to learn the content magic because of my love for storytelling, research, and writing, which combined led me to keep upgrading my skills. I helped blogs be more compelling, relevant, and useful to readers.

I completed my training in the magic castle of Digital Nomad Writing Club (DNWC) and sharpened some extra knowledge on writing, editing, and proofreading.

[DNWC Certificate coming soon]

And took more courses and specializations that could benefit my audience and customers.

Now, I'm in the quest for doughty solo and entrepreneurs who don't fear today's challenges and who are willing to confide me their content creation to ignite their online and offline presence. I'm in the lookout to create the Fellowship of Impetus Content.

Let’s join forces! 

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lead magnet creator and lead generator Sara El Halabi J.

The Values that guide my path

  • The Phial of Galadriel for Expertise and Reliability, to light your journey with knowledge and the love to learn more.

  • The Staff of Mithrandir for Perseverance and Patience, to crash all barriers you may encounter during your business's growth.

  • The Anduril Sword for Strength and Courage, to conquer the battles and challenges of today's competitive market.

  • The Evenstar for Compassion and Service, to capture the hearts and minds of the right audience, your prospects and visitors, and convert them into eternal fans.

  • The Bow of Galadhrim for Punctuality and Sharpness, to aim at the right niche with the right message and content, always timely and precisely.


With these in handor mind, you can achieve more than just impetus content!

Do you agree with me?

Wanderer, odulen an edraith anlen—I’m here to save you. 

If your content, copy, or any idea is drying up, fear not. I’ll make it evergreen again.

Take a rest and let my magic appease the flames of Mordor in your head and alchemize your site with the power of storytelling and well-researched content.

Magic Hand

9 fun facts about me...

  • I have three daughters and a spoiled mini-toy Poodle named Lassie.

  • Although I don’t dare to swim in the deep, I love the sea and can spend hours and hours in it. This has caused me some serious sunburns!

  • When I want to relax, I watch K-dramas and Miraculous Ladybug.

  • I was a book reviewer and love to collect and read a variety of books. 

  • My native language is Spanish. I also know Arabic.

  • I learned French twice but keep forgetting it. Maybe I should try Mandarin or Korean instead.

  • Christmas is my favorite time of the year.

  • I love spiders, but hate cockroaches.

  • Oh, and if you didn't realize it yet, I'm a super fan of the Lord of the Rings.

Purple Bells

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Take a look at my portfolio and enjoy my blog.

You might find something of your interest!