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Back Home. A Drabble

Updated: May 18, 2021

“I’ll bring the property title tomorrow.” The lawyer handed the house’s keys to Katheryn.

“Did the police find out where the previous owners are?” Katheryn asked without looking at him.

“I’m afraid they’ve been gone for eight months. Don’t worry; debtors disappear when they stop paying the mortgage.”

When the lawyer left, Katheryn brought an ancient jar inside and placed it on the shelf above the fireplace.

“As promised, I brought you back home, Daddy.” She sighed and looked outside the window at the dark, silent lake and the shaking trees. “At least, no one knows our secret.”


This drabble is for the #winterflashblogbattle on IG, hosted by Michael Kiel.

You can enjoy his writings by visiting www.michaelrkielfictions.com/blog

I thought of this little thriller for the picture above. Let your imagination wander in it.

What different premise would you like for this image? Share your insights in the comments, and I may write a short story for you.

flash fiction

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2 comentários

I'm glad you liked it, Michael. Thank you.


Awesome little thriller!!

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