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Can I Bribe You In? ;) You'll love this...

I've been away for some time.

Buuut for a good reason.

I've been strategizing, taking more courses, and scaling my career.

I've been assigned Chief Operating Officer for the Spanish branch of the global agency Content Writer. It's a new experience which I hope to fulfill at its max potential and lead well the team there.

Also, Twitter has been taken most of my attention as I learn the rules of the game and upleveling my creator journey in there. You can connect with me over there too!

Aaand (playing drums) I've reactivated my Medium blog. I'm uploading great content for my writer peers and brands that want to scale their virtual content for more visibility.

This means I'll be posting there more than here. So go over to my Medium blog and enjoy (take notes) of all of them!

That's all for now. Hope to see you on Twitter and Medium and share some good value ;)

**And because you've read this mini post, let me tell you that you can opt to connect with me on a free 30-min Zoom call if you need any insights on your current content or content strategy.

I'll walk you through some advice of how you can leverage on your skills or brand and scale your content.

Book it here or go to my Work-with-me page and schedule a call.

Happy to be connecting with you.

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