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Living with COVID-19: How I protected my emotional and physical wellness while infected?

Updated: May 29, 2021

I read my PCR results with expectation. It said POSITIVE in big and bold letters. I already suspected I was with COVID-19 but never thought I was just getting started, although I was in my fifth day after the first symptoms had shown.

coughing and sneezing. Infected with COVID-19
Sick with COVID-19

Developing and preserving optimal emotional and physical wellness during Coronavirus, especially if infected with it, is challenging. Let me tell you how it was for me.

Undoubtedly, the Coronavirus has transformed people’s lives. Over a year ago, the pandemic has forced us to cope with lockdowns and social distancing, where we learned to deal with anxiety and depression.

According to health experts, the virus incubation period runs from two to five days. Sometimes it takes up to 10 days for the first symptoms to manifest. However, most cases can be treated at home if you follow your doctor’s instructions.

If living curtly to the new norms is nerve-wracking, imagine how it is like to be infected with COVID-19 and bear its effects. This is why we must develop ways to protect our physical and emotional health while staying anchored in our routines with positivity and hope.

How I preserved my emotional and physical wellness while having COVID-19?

While infected with Coronavirus, I had my up and downs, physically, mentally, and emotionally. There were days when I felt depressed, others positive and hopeful, and a few were for cursing. I knew that my negative state of mind would worsen my immune system, so I needed to figure out how to control my mental mess, which this already messed-up virus had caused.

It took the virus almost 20 days to leave my body from the moment the first symptoms appeared to the last infectious stage. Yet, exceptional cases can take up to six to eight weeks.

Be careful of possible severe setbacks between the eighth and twelfth days. That was what happened to me.

While following my physician’s guidelines to heal at home—always stay in touch with your doctor or local medical authorities to ensure your complete recovery—, I applied other tips that helped my mental and emotional health.

Here are some of my suggestions to keep your moods up and nourish a quick physical improvement:

Get enough hydration

An abundance of liquid is vital to remove any infection from the body. The more hydrated you are, the better you will feel. Also, opt for warmer drinks—teas and infusions—and soups. Stay away from everything cold during this time if you don’t want to feel any worse.

Get enough rest

COVID-19 crashes your physical health, literally. No matter how insignificant it is, any effort you make will leave you extra tired, sometimes breathless. Your body will let you know how much rest it needs. The more time you allow yourself to relax and repose, the quicker you will recover your vitality.

Another tip: don’t underestimate the effects of Acetaminophen or Paracetamol. They will provide the relief you need.

Eat healthily

After the first symptoms appear, you might experience a lack of appetite, especially if you lose your taste and smell senses. Some people also suffer from vomiting. For this reason, try to eat small amounts of nutritious food several times a day.

Staying well-nourished is paramount for your recovery. Also, the intake of Zinc and Vitamin C and D can be conveniently helpful.

Take daily sunbathing

An essential treatment for Covid-19 is to

daily sunbathing
Take daily sunbathing

take the sun every day for at least 15 to 20 minutes. It will provide you with the necessary dose of Vitamin D and enhance your immunity and moods. So remember to take your sunbathing early in the morning or late afternoon when the sun is tolerable.

Control your panic

Fear is your worst enemy. It lowers your immunity response to any infection and keeps you in a state of paranoia. While with Coronavirus, expect to experience recurring fever episodes, mild tachycardia, and some breathing shortages. I tell you this, so you know what to expect, though not everyone will experience these effects.

While watching a fun movie one afternoon, I experienced tachycardia and severe ear pain. I knew my blood pressure skyrocketed at that moment, and it was only for a few minutes. My blood pressure reached around 150/96, but my oxygen was at 98, which was great. However, I panicked, and my breath was cut off, though I was breathing normally. I had to recur to a short mindfulness meditation to control the panic, and after a few deep inhalations, I regained my calmness and felt better.

I want you to remember that as long as your oxygen saturation is above 90 during COVID-19—keep an oximeter at hand—, you have nothing to worry about. Your doctor will confirm this.

Alternative tips that are helpful

During the first days with the Coronavirus and besides my doctor’s recommendations, I implemented some alternatives that substantially helped treat the disease and healing.

steam to heal Covid-19
Inhale good steam

For instance, I inhaled the steam of boiling water with a little vinegar and sea salt. Naturist doctors recommend attacking the virus while still in the upper respiratory tract, including the nostrils, ears, throat, etc. By weakening the virus there, you avoid severe lung infection.

I also had around 15 days of ClO2, which helped me maintain my oxygen saturation above the recommended media for COVID-19 patients. Mine was never under 97! This choice was my decision after extensive reading and under my doctor’s surveillance. I recommend you read this one which exposes some pros and cons of this product.

These alternatives were alongside my intake of prescribed medications when needed. I was assisted by two conventional doctors and three naturist doctors. The combination of their treatments was the most effective, not letting me suffer the pitfalls and sequels which this virus leaves behind.

Forgive and forget

Blaming the world, the virus’s origin, the person who infected you, or any other thing you think was the source of your current misery is pointless.

See it this way. Most of the world will get infected with Covid-19 sooner or later—yeah, even vaccinated people but with lower side-effects—and with time, it will cease as many other viruses have done.

Instead, don’t waste your energy and time overthinking your situation. Let go of the cause, be mindful that this will happen soon, and don’t be afraid to follow all the proper protocols to fight this Coronavirus.

Stay away from anything negative.

During this time, avoid listening to the news and gossips that will only fill you with worry and fear. Don’t talk to people who highlight how bad you are feeling or what might happen to you.

Instead, create a positive atmosphere around you. If you don’t live alone, let your family know you need positive messages to keep your moods high. It is okay to ask for encouragement when you feel the weakest.

Positivity and happiness open the doors to healing. Listen to happy music, encouraging podcasts, and positive messages. Read inspirational stories and watch movies.

Seek healthy distraction

working from home
Work from home. Do light tasks.

If you feel well enough, distract yourself with some desk-work, journaling, gardening, etc. However, avoid heavy physical work because any extreme physical effort while having Coronavirus will cause muscle soreness that can last for some time. Just do light tasks, like cooking an easy recipe and watering your plants; even mental activity will require breaks so that you won’t feel overwhelmed.

Practice gratitude

Gratitude will keep you anchored to the positive side of everything. For example, be grateful because you are being tested in faith and patience and naturally immunized against this virus. My husband had COVID-19 nine months ago, and when he got infected again with me, he recovered much faster and easier.

With these tips, you can protect your mental and emotional wellbeing and be physically prepared to overcome COVID-19. Rest assure that this gray cloud will pass, and the sun will shine again in your life.

Have you been infected with COVID-19? How was it for you?

Share your experience with us.


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