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Getting Out of Our Comfort Zone. Tips to avoid procrastination and be more productive

Updated: May 18, 2021

It’s a relaxing Sunday, and you are enjoying your weekend with your family, a nice meal, and your favorite series on Netflix. Nevertheless, something stings you. Tomorrow, a pile of paperwork will be waiting for you at the office, just more of the same routine. You scroll in your Instagram feed and admire the luxurious lifestyle of entrepreneurs and motivators. You wish that life too, but it takes so much work.

Though you have a safe job that barely pays the bills and a quiet, comfortable life, you still cannot afford to acquire other commodities or amenities, and you worry about your children’s future. Yet, it takes so much work and time to start something new, besides your lack of skills. Therefore, you forget about that silly idea and return to your comfort zone. You are happy in your place, which feels good, safe, and familiar, although it doesn’t offer you the real deal.

Now, let me burst the bubble.

We are mental and emotional beings. While our minds are designed to create, plan, and perform, our emotions serve as the fuel to give life to our thoughts and projects. However, there is also our survival instinct, whose role is to protect us from danger, whereas danger includes a sense of discomfort. Yes, like when you get out of your comfort zone by trying something new. This survival instinct is the overthinking, the fear, and the little voice that whispers not to risk what we have and remain where we are comfortable.

Still, we must believe that we have the necessary tools to learn something new, adapt to unique circumstances and places, and start a new life.

To start a new stage, we need to act. Set a plan with definite goals and start performing in whatever area you want. Please don’t wait for motivation or inspiration; they only appear when you put in the work.


When we feel active and productive, and we start seeing results. Then, motivation will be an inevitable and constant factor. That is why we need to be continually creating, working, educating ourselves.

Here is a list of the recommended steps to start building confidence and get out of your comfort zone:

1. Don’t be a conformist. If you are not happy, try something new, change the scenario, or find a new job. Be unconventional and take advantage of the opportunity God has given you, including your good health.

2. Don’t complain or regret about the past or what you did before. First of all, it is never too late to learn and do something new; age is just a physical state which, many times, does not have to do with your mental and emotional state. Secondly, everything which happens or had happened to you is for your good. This is the right mindset when it comes to growth and self-development. You will never hear an entrepreneur regretting or complaining about the time lost because they understand this golden truth.

3. Instead of reacting to circumstances, ACT. The only way to know if a new idea is good is by acting. I like Mel Robbins’s Five Seconds Rule. Overthinking is your worst enemy. It feeds your insecurities and fears. When you feel you should create or do something, think 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and GO! Just do it.

4. Have an open mind. We are living in a world of diversity and change. Accept new challenges and ways of doing your job. Maybe you will be amazed and grateful for finding an opportunity.

5. Learn new skills or improve the ones you have and like to use the most. Keep educating yourself. Real entrepreneurs and positive thinking people are always learning, whether in their field or a new one. They also acquire new abilities by having a growth mindset.

6. Manage your time. Set clear, achievable goals, and plan your next steps. Having a schedule will save you from headaches and delusions.

7. Set a daily routine to nourish yourself. This might be a time for meditation, exercise, a good read, hanging out with friends, etc. If you feel good, you will perform at 100% and be more productive.

8. Be disciplined. Adhere to your schedule and plan, invest well your time and energy in what you love doing. Let your productive time be sacred for you, and make others understand and respect that, too.

9. Learn how to deal with people and love it. We are in a globalized and interconnected world, where professional and personal relationships are among the priorities in life. Nevertheless, consider two things here. Firstly, surround yourself with people who have succeeded in what you want to prosper; believe the saying, “If you hang around five intelligent people, you will be the sixth. If you hang around five millionaires, you will be the sixth. If you hang around five idiots, you will be the sixth.” This quote inspired by Napoleon Hill sticks in my mind. Secondly, By uplifting others, you raise your value as a professional and human.

10. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Every good leader knows this. Not only respect makes the difference, but also motivation.

11. Fail again; get up again. People learn best by trial and error. For this reason, you should not fear failure because sometimes, it can be your best teacher.

12. Perform where you are the best. If you are great at being in second place or behind the scenes, it doesn’t mean you are not good enough. Don’t sub-estimate your work. Be sure you have something great to offer the world.

13. Challenge yourself every day because challenges will reveal your true power. Besides, it is the best way to face your fears and get rid of them.

Keeping this list in mind will ensure you a confidence boost and clarity in what you want to achieve. Indeed, getting out of your cave or comfort zone is not an easy task, but you have the capability, strength, and will to do so. In conclusion, neither fear nor procrastination should have the best of you. It takes one decision and one step to start your journey towards success.

*I'd love to know your opinion on this and any other suggestions you have. Comment below.

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