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This emotional baggage is not letting you enjoy the journey

Updated: May 18, 2021

The train of life never stops, but how easier would this trip be if we don’t carry so much baggage? You know what I mean. We hop into this train, feeling obligated to take all the emotional baggage and mental drama others had inflicted into our minds.

From very young, our families, teachers, and communities have programmed us to think and feel in a certain way to fit into our circles. However, we miss the best of this journey.

From the moment we open our eyes to this world, we receive much information which our emotional body deposits as default programs. Prejudices and experiences fill our perception about life and others. We become critiques of our “selves” and judges of others’ behavior—as if we’re free of sin.

This programming happens subtly, so it becomes what defines the way we feel, behave, act, and react in every situation.

But if we want to live differently, we need to shift our perception.

Reprograming our minds to see the world with compassion, understanding, and forgiveness is the ultimate measure to achieve peace. By redirecting our attention towards other matters, we begin to drop our drama. Thus, with less baggage, the journey becomes more delightful and insightful. We begin to see the blessings in our lives, from the little things to the miracles, and become more grateful for every moment we live mentally and emotionally healthy.

Channeling our trauma through our free will

We have the free will to travel the path of happiness and righteousness—sometimes it isn’t an easy one—or to stay in our comfort zone.

As we mature and thrive, we understand the challenges, responsibilities, and benefits of our free will. We learn that letting go of the past, the primary source of our emotional baggage, brings satisfaction and opportunities.

But what if we have lived a traumatic childhood? Because everything begins from this stage in life.

To talk about emotional baggage without treating this subject is hypocritical. Nowadays, the news is exploding with monstrous numbers of child abuse cases, bringing more baggage into our social and planetary consciousness. These revelations show how much healing humankind needs.

If you are one of these victims, I can tell you just one thing, which I hope will soothe your pain a bit. You are a survivor and a fighter.

You can be the lighthouse for many others if you are willing to heal yourself, forgive your past, and channel your trauma, transforming it into an opportunity to grow and become a fearless and better human being.

However, these traumatic experiences need us to seek help.


Professional assistance will help you cleanse your intimate fiber by removing the veil from your eyes and facing your demons, though it is a painful first step.

From here, you can set your routine to nourish your inner child and prepared yourself to receive the best of life. After all, you deserve it.

Simple steps to drop your emotional baggage

1. Be self-aware. Understand how you are feeling and analyze what has caused these feelings. If the burden you are experiencing has to do with your childhood or any stage in your life, try to understand what caused it and how your first reaction was. Digest these emotions deeply for once, and then let go of them by learning to forgive, first yourself, then the source of that experience. One way to do this is by undergoing Regressive Hypnosis Therapy. Ask an expert about it.

2. Professional help is paramount in traumatic cases. It will provide you with tools to deal with and treat your past and inner child. If we want our house to shine, we must clean it first, right?

3. Nothing lasts forever, so don’t hold that grudge in your heart and mind. It won’t help you get rid of the baggage. Don’t play the drama in your head over and over again. Just blow it away as you do with a bubble or a dandelion.

4. Develop your emotional intelligence. This implies acknowledging your past and present emotional states, for which you must be willing to dig down into your soul.

5. Identify all the feelings your memories might cause you: madness, bitterness, frustration, sadness, distrust, resentment, shame, etc. By taking the skeletons out of the closet, you will become more self-motivated, resilient, grateful, and reliant.

6. We are all exposed to disturbing events in life. Though we may not have control over most of them, we can control how we react before them. When such experiences cross our path, we must be self-aware of the current situation and ask ourselves, “How long will I remain in this emotional or mental state?” This mere question can anchor you to the present moment and guard your inner peace. It activates your emotional intelligence, which is your innate intelligence.


7. Another effective way to heal yourself emotionally is journaling. Pour out your emotions in written words. Write them down with transparency, displaying every detail of the experience/ trauma that had caused you this emotional load. Then, write the alternatives of how you could have behaved differently. Writing gives you a moment to digest it, which means you’ll get this experience out of your head instead of keeping the drama alive within you.

8. Dedicate some time and energy to serve others selflessly and help the needy unconditionally. By acknowledging others in need and investing to help them will allow you to reflect on the blessings in your life and how much others need of you.

9. Permit yourself to go at your own pace. Don’t be overwhelmed by things that won’t matter after some time. Instead, find ways to nourish your soul and perform an activity that fills your being with gratitude and joy.

10. Finally, let go and forgive. This is the best way to be happy.

The process might be long, sometimes arduous, but it allows gratification and peace found in no other way. When we take control of our minds and lives, fear dissolves, and our awareness and intuition become more explicit.

Only that which we allow into our hearts will affect us.

With less emotional baggage, we can identify the signals that lead us to a more fulfilling life. So drop it down and enjoy the journey.

*Let me know in the comments how you manage your emotional baggage and what tool serves you the best.

**If you offer mental support, feel free to leave your website below.


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