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More Visibility, More Authority

Increase your brand awareness by strategizing, creating, repurposing & translating content that converts & retain

What is it like to have your content done & repurposed for you?

Your new content will provide you and your audience with the following perks (watch out because some of them can become addictive):

  • Increased traffic and visibility for your website

  • More time and energy to grow your biz

  • Growing trust and authority in your niche

  • Expanded brand awareness across SM platforms

  • Enlightenment, entertainment, and empowerment in their peak expression

Business Meeting at a Cafe_edited.jpg

What will our process of working together look like?

Here's what comes next after we discover we're a minted-lemonade fit:

 1. The Onboarding Call: An in-depth discussion about your business, audience, expectations, and content style. You might need to fill in a questionnaire.

2. Research Time: It'll be divided into three parts:

  • Keyword research for your SEO-friendly content 

  • Best title research and analysis for your articles/lead magnet

  • Comprehensive research on the topic(s) that resonate with your audience



3. Writing TimeI'll create your brand content with exceptional value with a focus on your purpose & audience’s needs.


4. Rest Time: I take my time so you get the best content. Don’t worry about deadlines. We won’t miss one.


5. Editing with Style: Efficient editing tools & proofreading methods to polish your content before the first draft lands on your screen.


6. Impetus Feedback: If you have any suggestions, this is your chance to let us know before the final draft is completed.

Julie-Ann Sherlock Archipelago Communications

Julie-Ann Sherlock
Archipelago Communication's Head Editor

Having worked with Sara for six months, coaching and training her to become a writer, I learned that she is a solid, dependable scribe. She took on every task with dedication and worked hard to create great articles for our clients. If she didn't understand or agree with something, she would ask the questions needed to ensure that she delivered what we needed. She took on board any criticism and suggestions and learned quickly from her mistakes.
Sara was a pleasure to work with and a capable writer who will help ensure her clients receive high-quality work.

nelly elessa pic.png

Nelly Elessa
CConfidence, Lifestyle & Career Coach

Sara is a great communicator and delivered the copy so timely! Great turnaround of work, meeting deadlines (even delivered in advance). Also, lovely encouragement and tips when I had questions. 

I appreciate our work together and the passion that she brings to writing.

What service do you need?

Content Creation (Blogging)
(plan, research, write, edit)

Educate your prospects and customers on your business and establish yourself as an expert. 

I'll strategize and create the best-written content to reflect your brand's authenticity and your readers' desires.

All the created content will be SEO-friendly for a better ranking on Google.

Top marketers and copywriters agree that SEO-friendly content is the key to long-term visibility, conversion, and retention.

Choose for your convenience: 

  • One 1000-word-blog post per week (four per month)

  • One 1000-word-blog post biweekly (two per month)


*This offer covers three months max. The contract can be renewed.

**Extra fees apply for blog posts above 1,100 words.

Content Repurposing Strategy

You can take max advantage of your old or long-form content (interviews, long videos, podcast episodes) by creating AHA! pieces of short-form content for social media, blog posts, newsletters, and even reels/shorts.

This repurposing service is a powerful content reuse strategy and distribution tool that boosts your visibility and engagement with your audience.

Repurpose from one long-form video, interview, or podcast episode one shorter-form content or all the following:  

  • One 1000-word-blog post

  • 12 social media posts

  • Two 600/700-word newsletters


*Extra fees apply for blog posts above 1,100 words.

**If you require the design of the SM visuals, an extra fee will be charged.

Content Translation to Spanish

Do you dream to enter the Hispanic market? Do you want to impress your Spanish-speaking readers and customers with valuable content in their native language?

Then, you need a Spanish content translator, amig@! 


I’ll translate and edit your content, whether you need it in Spanish or English.

Choose for your convenience, here are two groups: 

  • Up to 800 words

  • Up to 1800 words

*Extra fees apply for translations above 1850 words

Additional Content Services

Increase your visibility with the best content writing services for your website, social media, and SEO blog posts.

Build trust with your fans with customized email sequences and grow your subscriber list.

Besides sparking your website copy and social media posts, you can also create booklets and free guides from repurposing your long-form content to attract more leads and convert them into loyal customers. 

Choose for your convenience:

  • Home, About, Service & Contact pages (up to 800 words each)

  • Six onboarding emails for your welcome series (up to 500 words each)

  • Eight social media copies for captions and graphics (including hashtag research)

**If you require the design of the SM visuals, an extra fee will be charged.

Now that you know what you need to take your business to the next level, let's meet in our first call.

If you've chosen your favorite package but still aren't sure if it's a good fit, no worries. I'll help you figure out what will skyrocket your business!

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